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36 D6’s? Yes! 36 of them! So bright and shiny. But what can I do with them?

What To Do With 36 D6's. Yes, 36 of them!


36 D6’s? Yes! 36 of them! So bright and shiny. But what can I do with them?

(Besides putting them in your own personal Bag of Holding? Well ...)


  1. 36 Flying Squirrel tokens. For when you have to fight 2.4 Emrakul’s.
  2. Building little pyramids.
  3. To represent all your lackeys for the cool mob boss simulation board game. 
  4. Building one big pyramid.
  5. To denote Hadrian’s Wall in the Hammer of the Scotts game. 
  6. For that Skaven army, you have. You will need them all for the clanrats.
  7. The rpg Champions anyone?
  8. Car Wars ramming damage.
  9. 36 things your cat can knock off the table, and chase around the floor until they lose it under the refrigerator. 
  10. Making walls for your stop motion Lego CS:GO YouTube video.
  11. Rolling the stats for 1.5 D&D characters at once. 
  12. Makes a good start on filling up that big Bowl-O-Dice you have been wanting to have on the credenza so people can ooh and aah over your dice collection.  
  13. Use them as a substitute for Easter Eggs. Don’t have to worry about the smell when one is found months later by the dog.  
  14. Give them out as a reward. A reward for what? Anything. Better than a gold star sticker!
  15. That one time you run a D&D party of 12 level 3 bards with an average CHA of 16. So much inspiration!
  16. Whoever said “Dude, you have too many dice.” was wrong! Show them how wrong they are!
  17. In case you run out of bullets in Flick em up
  18. Building a short maze for your pet mouse.
  19. Shaking the case to make your pet think you picked up the treats bag
  20. Teaching 18 people the probabilities of 2 six-sided dice. 
  21. As shims to balance out that one wobbly table you have. 
  22. As a gift a week for your sweetheart for 70% of the year. 
  23. For when your party casts 4.5 3rd level Fireball spells at once. Or 2.5 9th level ones. 
  24. Rocks fall from the sky! Everyone dies!
  25. Playing Farkel with your 5 elderly aunts. 
  26. Making the map look like a Mayan City in Call of Cthulhu
  27. The lovely lovely sound of 36 dice being rolled at a once on the table. Oh ya. Lovely. 
  28. Yahtzee Battle Royal! With all your cousins. 
  29. You get a token, and you get a token. Everyone gets a token!
  30. Warhammer. You never have enough for the battleline. 
  31. You can make jewelry out of them. Dice earrings are the 'in thing.' Seriously
  32. Crafting. Dice and a hot glue gun make for some interesting designs. Shiny dice on a disco ball anyone
  33. The smaller ones can be used as caltrops. D4’s work better but the D6 can be used in a pinch.
  34. Plugging that hole in the wall. You know the one. The one your “friend” made with their heavy metal dice and that crazy initiative roll so they could go first against that sickly one-legged orc with no weapons. Ya, that one. 
  35. Stacks! Lots and lots of stacks. Stacks are fun! It's like building a skyscraper, but with dice. 
  36. Because you never have enough dice!


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