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Dice Bag

Z-Armor Knights Dice Bag

by Time Wars


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When mysterious alien crystals embedded themselves in their chests, these students of Vulcane University didn't know what to expect. Surely the last thing they expected was to become superheroes whose emotions can transform into physical armor and weaponry. Each unique soul was granted the powers of a particular emotion. Now they must command mighty combining vehicles, called Terastia, to defend Earth from foes whose power could tear the Earth itself apart.

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for your bag to be handmade and shipped. 

Introducing our new Dice Bags specifically designed to hold even more than just dice. They are large enough to carry a deck box, dice, life counter and pen. Perfect for FNM and Tournaments. Our bags are hand made in house and are made of soft, smooth micro fiber. Each bag has an inner liner chosen by our seamstress for a high quality feel good bag. Your design is bonded seamlessly with the bag providing a front and back to make the way you want.

All bags come with a drawstring and lock to easily tighten and close. 

 Actual product may vary slightly