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Saliana, Eternal Watcher of the Trees Playmat

by Dave Greco


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Stabbed in the heart with an Ironwood blade in a follish dispute over a horse, Saliana should have died decades ago. As her assailants rode off, the forest took pity on her and reached out, pulling her spirit back from the edge, forcing her body to return to life. Now she shares her life force with the trees, ensuring that they come to no harm - for without them to sustain her, she dies. "That forest girl, she's an odd one. Ain't never seen a lass that would spill blood for a damned tree" - Kraddick Harcourt

Standard Playmat is approximately 24" x 14".

It is made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing. 

We make it in-house. Our mats are made in-house with highest quality equipment and material. This makes a huge difference compared to the average made in China mats on the market. Our mats will last you years!

We test everything. We carried out extensive testing to create mats thin enough to roll out flat without a crease, and thick enough to last. We also perfected our printing process to yield the most vibrant, colorful images. 

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