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Oakie Doakie RPG Dice Set - Marble

by Inked Gaming


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Need some nice dice to give your game some extra spice? This RPG Marble Dice Set from Oakie Doakie has you covered from every angle! With their sleek marble design and glossy finish, these dice present a premium look and feel that will have everyone in the game feeling especially magical! Each set comes fully equipped with seven (7) different dice including: D6, D4, D8, D10 (2x), D12 and D20. These dice come packed in their own slide-out tray as well, which makes for easier carrying and more secure storage overall. You really can’t go wrong with a dice set like this in your arsenal!

Key Features:

  • Seven (7) dice in a pack
  • Vibrant design
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Protective packaging
  • Slide-out tray for easier transport and storage