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Playmat Bag

Neon Sapphire Playmat Bag

by Martin Kaye


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Nothing allows your vibrant personality to glisten more than this precious playmat bag from artist Martine Kaye! We make our playmat bags in-house and by hand to ensure that every piece is crafted carefully and precisely. To us, these bags (and our other items) are just as precious as gems. Each bag includes a carabiner clip, drawstring, and a water-resistant coating. Once united, these features create a bag that’s secure and easy to carry. And if rain becomes a problem, you can rest assured that your mat will stay dry during your journey. We also crafted this bag to be nice and roomy, which means it can carry two (2) of our standard playmats together. So, if you like having an extra for yourself or for a friend, this playmat bag is just what you need!

Please allow 2-4 working days for your bag to be handmade and shipped.

Key Features: 

  • Size: 16” inches long
  • Water-resistant
  • All bags can carry up to two (2) standard playmats
  • Vivid colors
  • Drawstring and toggle to easily tighten and close

Need help comparing sizes? Check out our sizing chart!

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