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King of New York Game

by Southern Hobby


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The big apple seems to have attracted some hungry and rather menacing creatures who happen to be giant monsters. But no need to start running, because once again, YOU are the monster wreaking havoc in the concrete jungle. Just like its predecessor, King of Tokyo, King of New York challenges players to be the first monster to obtain 20 victory points. Each dice roll indicates your next course of action, which can be used against your fellow monsters. Using claws for attacking and hearts for healing are the best ways to keep yourself competitive. You even gain bonus points for destroying buildings. However, you can be sure that the military will take whatever action necessary to stop you from reaching your goal!


  • For 2-6 players
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Incredible Artwork By Regis Torres
  • Simple, Fast-Paced And Lively As King Of Tokyo, With More Depth And Decisions To Be Made
  • Takes about an hour to play