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Playmat Bag

Hidden Gem Playmat Bag

by Martin Kaye


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Keep your playmat in pristine condition wherever you go with one of our handcrafted playmat bags. This playmat bag is specifically designed to protect your playmat and can hold two standard sized mats at the same time (in case you need a backup or your friend forgets theirs). Each bag is made in-house and features a water-resistant coating along with a drawstring and carabiner clip for secure carrying. So you can take your game anywhere and in any weather.

All bags come with a drawstring and toggle to easily tighten and close.

Playmat Bag is approximately 16" long.

Two-Player Playmat Bag is approximately 26" long.


Please allow 2-4 working days for your bag to be handmade and shipped.

carabiner closeupplaymat bag with backpack