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Dice Bag

Ethama, Water Sculptor Dice Bag

by Dave Greco


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Long ago, the Aleisans learned how to convince water to follow them. They learned to shape water, to hold it in place. To stop it from flowing and crashing. A new art was born - Water Sculpting. Water Sculptors gather together to create fantastic, new images and tell stories that last only as long as the watershapes will hold together. Of the water sculptors, Ethama is the greatest. Others are in awe of her sculptures for their grace, intricacy, and expression of the true desires of the natural world.

"The people may forget... but the water remembers" - Ethama

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your bag to be handmade and shipped. 

Introducing our new Dice Bags specifically designed to hold even more than just dice. They are large enough to carry a deck box, dice, life counter and pen. Perfect for FNM and Tournaments. Our bags are hand made in house and are made of soft, smooth micro fiber. Each bag has an inner liner chosen by our seamstress for a high quality feel good bag. Your design is bonded seamlessly with the bag providing a front and back to make the way you want.

All bags come with a drawstring and lock to easily tighten and close. 

 Actual product may vary slightly