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Ethama, Water Sculptor Playmat

by Dave Greco


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Long ago, the Aleisans learned how to convince water to follow them. They learned to shape water, to hold it in place. To stop it from flowing and crashing. A new art was born - Water Sculpting. Water Sculptors gather together to create fantastic, new images and tell stories that last only as long as the watershapes will hold together. Of the water sculptors, Ethama is the greatest. Others are in awe of her sculptures for their grace, intricacy, and expression of the true desires of the natural world.

"The people may forget... but the water remembers" - Ethama

Standard Playmat is approximately 24" x 14".

It is made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing. 

We make it in-house. Our mats are made in-house with highest quality equipment and material. This makes a huge difference compared to the average made in China mats on the market. Our mats will last you years!

We test everything. We carried out extensive testing to create mats thin enough to roll out flat without a crease, and thick enough to last. We also perfected our printing process to yield the most vibrant, colorful images. 

We’re Gamers too! We use our own mats and make sure they match all gaming requirements (cards slide smoothly, edges don't damage your cards, corners won’t fray over time). We also have anything else you might want to complement your game: mat and dice bags, sleeves, tokens, wall tapestries, mouse pads, you name it!