USPS Shipping Delays Announcement

We hope that your friends and family are still able to enjoy a happy and safe life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Team Inked is doing well. We’re happy that we are still able to send out gaming products that bring joy to our customers, as well as continue to donate masks to our communities. 

We are writing to you because we have taken notice of the delays in packages that are happening with greater frequency than normal. We have looked into this, and it seems to be something that is happening all over the world. 

The newly appointed postmaster general has created a new policy within USPS where, “mail will be left behind at distribution centers if it delays letter carriers from their routes.” This news was reported by the NY Times as well as the Washington Post and verified with the American Postal Workers Union. 

Due to this, we are seeing packages waiting in locations for multiple days without being scanned. Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent this, and are as in the dark on when the package will begin moving again as you are. 

With increased package volume around the US (up 60 to 80 percent), and USPS employees no longer allowed to work overtime, we are seeing an even longer increase in package delivery times in the past month. 

We are very sorry that you are experiencing some of the fallout of the changes at USPS. Please keep us updated on your package movement, and we’ll be sure to do the same.

Temporarily, we are changing our free reprint/reshipment policy to four weeks without movement for domestic orders, up from three weeks. For international shipments we are changing our free reprint/reshipment policy from four weeks to six weeks. We are making this change due to us seeing a lot of packages arrive to the customer after we authorize a reprint - resulting in our customers receiving two packages of the same items. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have. You’re all vital customers and members of the growing Inked Gaming community. We want to hear from you and make sure that all of your worries and concerns are addressed. 



Team Inked