Local Game Store Program

Our Local Game Store Program is available to stores of any size that are interested in carrying our high-quality gaming products.  Large, small, online-only or with multiple brick-and-mortar locations, Inked Playmats will collaborate with any retailer in order to make sure that their customers have access to our unique products.

Why Choose Inked Playmats

There are many reasons to carry our products. First of all, our products are highly desirable by consumers. We have worked hard on establishing our brand, and the consumers know they are getting a quality gaming accessory when they see the Inked Playmats logo. Second, the process is very simple, as we have staff dedicated to attending to the needs of the stores in our Local Game Store Program, insuring a smooth process from start to finish. We have a low minimum order requirement, as we do not want to burden our Local Game Store partners with a large overhead cost. Restocking is quick and easy, and our support staff are always available to help in the process of ordering and order inquiry. Additionally, products can be customized with your store’s logo, allowing for an easy and effective way to advertise.

The Inked Playmats Difference

Every gamer is an individual, and we strive to provide gamers an outlet to express themselves through their gaming accessories. One of the ways we do this is by connecting gamers to artists.

The images on our products are designed by artists all over the world—with new designs being added regularly. We carry a diverse selection that allows us to cater to all types of gamers with varied interests. Our products are high quality show-pieces that are extremely durable and able to handle the rigor of regular gaming. Because we offer artists the ability to retain the rights to their work as well as offer commission for sales of products using their artwork, we are able to maintain positive working relationships that let us have the largest selection of original designs for playmats, dicebags, mouse pads, and sleeves.

Current Members of Inked Playmats Local Game Store Program