Art Instructions

Each of our products requires a high-quality image for your product to turn out looking well. When creating your artwork be very mindful of your edges because the process we use means the edges will need to have at least a 1/4" buffer on any product. You don't want to put any text or crucial images right up to the edge because they would get cut off.

When you upload for custom artwork we have a guide that will show you approximately what your image will look like. This only works if you use a JPG as an upload. If you have PSD file ready to go and are confident then you can upload that image and skip using our guide or just save the image as a JPG as well.

The Main Rules

  1. Download the template if needed
  2. Make sure image size is at least 2000px (The larger the item you want the larger image size you want)
  • Please have resolution of 150dpi
  • We accept RGB. CMYK images will just be converted to RGB
  1. Sometimes there will be color shifting. We have noticed that darks come out darker than they look on screen.
  2. You can purchase light editing (added text, counters, layouts, or resizing) and color fix for $15 extra.
  • Save as JPG or PNG
  • Follow our Terms and Conditions