Inked Gaming at PAX

Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by our booth, and welcome to our site. We hope you find our wares to be most interesting. Did you come up with a sweet playmat idea during your visit to the convention? Look no further! Head on over to our custom playmat page and send us your own unique art pieces! We guarantee that you'll love the quality of our prints, and your new-found friends will too. 
While you're there, you might want to take the coupon code PAX2019 with you, just in case. It will give you 15% off custom products!
Need to get something done quick? Not all of us have time for a long and drawn-out creative process! Check out our best-sellers, and find the pieces that speaks to you. If you want to be a little more cutting-edge than the rest, you can always check out our newest art as well!
In any case, thank you all for visiting! We hope you had a wonderful time at our booth, and at PAX in general. May your adventures fare you well.
- The Inked Gaming staff

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