Sign Up To Be One Of Our Artists

We would love the opportunity to feature your design(s) on our site. After all, we want our customers to have access to the best looking gaming paraphernalia around, and this is only made possible through collaboration with artists like you!

First of all, let’s make something abundantly clear: YOU RETAIN THE RIGHTS TO YOUR WORK. We are not asking for you to create designs to GIVE to us; we are asking to use YOUR designs on OUR products. This is how we are able to offer our customers products with a wide range of styles.

But what’s in it for you?

We offer 10% commission for full revenue of all sales for products using your design. This requires no work on your part—aside from the initial design submission. We do the marketing, we make the sales, and we handle the monetary transactions. For instance, if a customer purchases a playmat for $19.99 and selects your design, you would receive $1.99 in commission for that sale. You just sit back and receive compensation for the commissions every three months. It’s that simple.

Here is what the entire process looks like:

  1. Complete the form below and submit your images.
  2. Receive confirmation that your design(s) will be featured on the website, or receive notice that we will not be using your design(s).
  3. Receive an email every 3rd month (March, June, September, December) detailing the sales using your design(s).
  4. Receive commission payment via PayPal around the 15th of every 3rd month. (Please note, you must have a PayPal account in order to receive your commission payments from us.)
As stated earlier, it really is that simple. We look forward to seeing your submissions!
We are adding new products all the time to our site. We want your images on all of them! Be sure to check out our image requirements and see what we are looking for.