Artist FAQ

Each of our products requires a high-quality image for your product to turn out looking well. When creating your artwork be very mindful of your edges. The manufacturing process we use means the edges on most of our products will need to have at least a 1/4" bleed. Due to this process, edges are not exact, and you will want to avoid any text or crucial images near the edges.

Please only upload JPG or PNG images with no transparency.

The Main Rules

  1. PSD templates are available.
  2. Save as JPG or PNG.
  3. Follow our Terms and Conditions
  • Please have resolution of 150 PPI
  • Our default process uses 150 DPI. We can accept and use 300 DPI if provided.
  • The image is printed using the CMYK color space, however, RGB files are required for submission due to industry standards.
  • If a product has stitched edging, the stitches will take on the color of your image.
  • On each product page there is a button labeled “How to prepare your file.” Select that for more information on your specific product.

Make sure you follow these guidelines:

  1.  All artwork needs to be sized exactly to our specifications.
  2.  Do not submit very dark images. If you are submitting images that have lots of black/blue, make sure the image is lightened for printing. (Hint, if it's dark on your back lit monitor, it will be VERY dark on a pad!)
  3. Make sure you follow the sew template guidelines.
  4. Do not submit neon heavy pieces.
  5. Crimson, kelly, and royal blues are very difficult for CMYK sublimation printing to get fully right.


Submitting to your merch store? Maybe you need some help, and that's okay!

"How should I name my files?"
When submitting your individual art files, try to name the file with the title of your piece, and what product you'd like the art to go on. For example, try something like "Drago My Sunshine Extended Mousepad". This helps our team know what your intentions are with your artwork.

"How should I submit multiple files?"
In many cases, an artist has a bunch of different products they want on their art to be printed on, or maybe even just a bunch of different art pieces. In either case, an artist may want to submit multiple files contained in a .zip file. This is great, but please don't submit nested .zip files! This makes it incredibly tedious to get the files into our system. If you need to submit multiple .zip files, please submit each one separately!

"When will I see my art on my merch store?"
Art typically gets added to your store in 1-5 business days, however large numbers of files, or other circumstances could cause this to be longer. If your upload has taken longer than one business week, please let us know and we'll make it a priority to get it up asap!

"What's the deal with the 20% commission on the first month?"
That means that for the first month that you're an artist with us, you'll get 20% commission instead of the normal 10% This is to help boost your earnings before your art takes off.


Template Downloads

Photoshop Tutorial Video