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Mike Overfield

Hello to all! My name is Mike Overfield, my pen name being “MTO Art”, and I’‘m just a small town freelance artist that specializes in fantasy style art. I love what I do as an artist and would love to continue it. My ultimate goal is to do work for wizards of the coast. I hope you all enjoy my art and enjoy having your precious cards sit on top as you peel your way through all of your opponents for the top spot! 

If, however, you don’t see anything you like, you can always hire me personally to make you a piece that is all yours! You can do that simply by messaging me through the means listed below! I look forward to working with you all, and I greatly thank and appreciate Inked Gaming for the opurtunity to be one of their artist! I hope as I go you see my work get increasingly better! Have a swell day and check out my info at the bottom, show me your support by hitting my Facebook like button!

Facebook: MTO Art