Artists: YodaCera

YodaCera Studio is a one-stop shop for pop-culture art, whether it be anime, horror, nerd, or tabletop oriented. In need of interesting originals, fandom illustration, poetry/short-stories, or custom gaming supplies? YodaCera Studio has the niche and novelty to fulfill your whims, whether collecting for yourself or as a gift for another.


Based in California, YodaCera has thrived on nostalgia to fuel their art for 20+ years. They continue to dabble in all media, but focuses primarily on marker illustration and digital art. When not illustrating, they can be found working the convention circuit or working at their local MTG card shop. 


For regular updates, you can follow YodaCera on Twitter and Instagram via

@YodaCera for art, or @1LandHand for various gaming content. 


For contact information or a full portfolio view, visit