Artists: Will F.M

Musician, Twitch Streamer and Adored Cult Leader, Will F.M has been an Entertainer for the majority of his life....
actually, since I get to write this myself, I want to be way cooler than I really am. I've fist fought sharks, and Single handedly stopped a rogue AI from e-mailing your "Secret Folder" to your grandparents, plus other cool stuff. Much better.
I started making music and sculpting things at a young age and just never really quit trying to make things. When I got a bit older I realized I wanted to entertain people with my creations every day. Thanks to creative outlets like Inked Gaming, I get that opportunity with a low cost of entry. So help me grow my cult, follow me on my socials, lets be friends.

TikTok: @WillFMisDope

Remember kids! It's Will F Dot M. Only one dot in the name!