Artists: The Summoned Goods

Welcome to The Summoned Goods! My name is Zach Mullen, the owner of the company and I work with a few very talented individuals such as Brian Johnson, Co-Owner and my brother, Jake Mullen, the lead art designer. Other key members include our Content Manager, Stephen Subra and Marketing Associate, Josh Staudt. 

We are a company focused on the gaming community as a whole, with a strong emphasis in Magic the Gathering. Our logo, referred to as the "Summoning Crystal" plays a huge role in each of our designs and has it's own lore in the world of tabletop RPG's, more specifically Dungeons & Dragons. 

The Summoned Goods was a shop that I designed in D&D for my very first campaign as Dungeon Master that would mysteriously appear in every village, town, or city my players traveled to and the Shopkeeper was a very mysterious wizard. As they progressed, the items the Shopkeeper kept in stock became very unique and powerful. They soon discovered the secrets behind his astounding creations were connected to a crystal that allows a proficient arcanist to summon any item their mind could manifest. While the items could not be summoned without a cost and some valuable time, The Summoned Goods was known for its incredible, unique craftsmanship. This lore inspired my creativity and I decided to make the shop the real deal. You will see the Shopkeeper and the Summoning Crystal in a lot of our designs that cater to the theme of Magic the Gathering, with very unique and awe-inspiring designs.

At The Summoned Goods. we strive to maintain high standards and bring the Magic the Gathering community a one-of-a-kind experience with our artwork on playmats and apparel, as well as our sales in the trading card realm.

You can find our shop at, where we will be selling some unique items catered to the MTG community such as card dividers, sleeves and we also sell Magic cards in every format on Just search for the The Summoned Goods as your store front to browse our vast inventory of singles.

Our apparel can be found here.