Artists: The Pioneer Perspective

Hi! We're Brad and Alex, the hosts of The Pioneer Perspective! A podcast that focuses on the Pioneer format in Magic The Gathering. We have been playing this game that we love for years and we are always happy to talk Magic! Our podcast is found on a multitude of sites such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. You can see all of the available platforms here!

We started by playing games with one another via webcam and we would always end up talking about Magic for hours after our game had finished. So we decided to start a podcast and share our thoughts with all of you! We launched The Pioneer Perspective in partnership with Play Away, a discord community in which we met! You can join and play paper magic with us here!

Otherwise, we are both incredibly active on twitter! You can follow our podcast channel itself: as well as Brad's and Alex's personal accounts:

Our Anchor link also has a support option should you wish to help out the show! This is 100% optional and your listenership alone is more than appreciated.

Lastly, our art design for the Pioneer Perspective logo as well as the table banner art were done by the wonderful Adriano Kitani! Give them a follow on Twitter! The Bradcifer banner was done by EVAC DESIGNS. Follow them on twitter and check out their portfolio!