Artists: Stephen Pena

Howdy, I’m Stephen Pena, a Magic: The Gathering player who loves having an organized play space.

I designed this playmat with my former self in mind, when I was first learning how to play MTG. I personally could have used a playmat like this when I was first starting out. I was unsure of the phases and steps, the stack, and just common lingo that was tossed around (especially color combinations).

These playmats are meant for beginners and those who just want to stay organized and reference some aspects of MTG gameplay. I still use this playmat to this day, just to keep my board organized.

I’ve found the best way to utilize these playmats is with counters or O-rings to keep track of life total, infect damage, steps and phases, and dice for keeping track of how much mana is available in the mana pool. So, with a handful of dice, counters and/or O-rings you should be able to keep track of many aspects of MTG gameplay on one playmat.

In the future, there will be a corresponding interactive website and mobile app for the color pie, so be sure to visit for more information on Magic’s color combinations.

If you have feedback for how to improve this playmat design, please feel free to email me at

If you know others who would appreciate a playmat for beginners or organizers, I would be honored if you would recommend my playmat—thank you!