Artists: RaiXann

Hello there, you awesome person! I’m very happy that you have graced my collection with your presence. I enjoy creating art geared towards gamers of all kinds. Specifically, I want to make art that gamers can use to represent themselves while playing games. I also love to give players opposing options that they can use to represent themselves. Do you want to be the pyromaniac, destroying everything that stands in your way? Or do you want to be the water bender that brings the tide to stop that pyromaniac from burning down the kingdom? Are you a carrier of light, or a champion of darkness? Are you a Red or a Blue? You could be one of these things, loyal to the end for your factions. You could be all of these things, like a mercenary who does not care who his skills are used for (or on). Or you could be none of these things at all! The choice is up to you, and I want to be the person that allows you to have those choices.