Artists: Phill Howard

Hello!  I'm Phill Howard, one of the founding members of Play It Painted.  We're a group of avid tabletop gamers that believe that games are always better with fully painted miniatures.  I've been painting figures for over 25 years, and I've been working with Photoshop and other graphic design programs for the last twelve years.  In addition, I'm into traditional media like watercolors, pen and ink, and acrylics, and I am always looking for more ways to expand my repertoire.  
Lately we've gotten heavily into Guild Ball here in Southern California, so I've been designing pitches for our local group and for some of the stores in the area.  Several of us have ordered Inkedgaming's mats for our pitches, and they really work well.  Hopefully you like my designs, and if you have ideas for other kinds of pitches, I'd love to hear them!  Send me a PM on Facebook and I'd be happy to whip something up for you.  
Thanks, and have a great day!