Artists: Minhaz Sarker

My name is Minhaz and I am a landscape photographer based out of Portland, OR, USA. Originally from Corvallis, OR, I am now residing in Portland and Seattle. I focus on both nature and urban views. As someone fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I try my best to share our beautiful region to everyone out there! Along with photographing my region, I also love to travel and showcase the beauty I see along the way. Although I keep quite busy as a medical student, I do my best to get myself behind the camera as much as possible. The more I photograph, the more I find myself trying to find a unique perspective to show the world; I hope my photos here convey that desire and if not - well then I should probably start working harder, huh?


For those interested, I shoot using Sony E-Mount cameras (primarily a7ii and a6000) and both native and adapted lenses. I shoot in RAW format and then utilize Lightroom for my post processing. Any and all images posted here can be found with detailed location + camera settings over on my Instagram (see below). 


Please feel free to contact me for anything and everything including collaborations, ordering prints, and just generally to say hello or chat about photography! I am always willing to talk and chat via email. (email at and find me on instagram @minhazrsarker).