Artists: Marc Wolff

Hey there, Marc Wolff here. I'm a game designer. This playmat design (the world map) is the full world artwork I did for a game I designed called The Adventurous Grimoire.  While the kickstarter campaign for The Adventurous Grimoire failed it was the invention of a new genre of tabletop games and I had a lot of fun creating it.  I wasn't using these art assets and rather than let them collect dust I thought maybe they would make a cool playmat.  Hope you enjoy.

My current project is Mage War, the first ever Free TCG (and first Custom TCG).  If you'd like to check out Mage War, here's a link to the About page of my Youtube channel (which is mostly for Mage War) where you can read a short description and find the link to the DriveThruRPG listing for the free pdf download of the rulebook:

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