Artists: Lucianthinus

My name is Amber Hall AKA Lucianthinus, coffee fueled goth loving human by day and cat monster by night. My friends call me Luci and my love of fantasy art goes back to when I first came across the first Dragonriders of Pern book from Anne McCaffery. I began seriously pursuing art during high school and went on to earn a BFA from RIT in upstate NY. Today my artwork spans from fantasy to sci-fi with a bit of dark spooky mixed in between. Con-goers are my peeps, and in our house we’ve been playing MTG and Pokémon since the beginning.

My usual mediums are acrylic and watercolor, as well as digital artwork. I’ve been dabbling in oil paint here and there so hopefully I’ll have some pieces done in that as well. I’m excited to be here joining the ranks of fabulous artists on this awesome array of gear for our favorite hobbies!

I can be found on Instagram and twitter as @lucianthinus and my facebook page Lucianthinus Art. My portfolio can be found at ArtStation @Lucianthinus.