Artists: Kelzam Designs

Kelzam Designs—also known as Chris—is a lifelong artist and gamer, currently located in the greater Houston area. Video games inspired Kelzam to begin drawing at a very young age, imagining his own Sonic the Hedgehog zones with a pen and printer paper. Eventually, that interest developed into game design itself when his grandfather introduced him to the ability to design custom maps for games like DOOM and Quake 3 Arena. This experience and his eventual discovery of anime lent heavily to his love of world and character design. The culmination of these influences defines his art style, today: vivid, high-contrast palettes, which call back to those early inspirations and formative years. In his personal life, Kelzam is a huge fan of all things fantasy and sci-fi, and much of his relationships and close friendships were founded through online games, Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and other gaming hobbies. Kelzam has been married to his husband of 3+ years, whom has supported his artistic endeavors for the decade they've been together.

My Instagram: @kelzamdesigns
My Twitter: @kelzamgaming