Artists: Kathrine Lyon

Yo! I'm Kathrine Lyon, a Graphic and Media artist of varying stripes still plugging away at school. When illustrating, I work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. When I'm in a rut, I open up a fractal program and just see what I can work out of those crazy functions, punching buttons until I make something pretty. It's pretty nuts. When I break away from using the computer, I'm either sketching or practicing with Watercolors (or I have my face buried in some form of storytelling medium somewhere)
You can find me all over the internet by the name of Kaegro, playing games and doing my best to fart out something pretty along the way. I'm a ginormous nerd who's enamored with Dragons, Dinosaurs, and all sorts of monstrous creatures in addition to computer technology, astrophysics, and biology. I will happily tell you the weirdest things you never wanted to know, or argue with you about whether or not that Pokemons type fits it's theme, or which table top system is superior to which - Long Live 3.5!
A friend introduced me to Inked, explaining the way things worked. I was interested and started sending my stuff in - and now they're stuck with me, huehuehueh. The trick now is just converting everything I've got into something that can be used on EVERYTHING and getting it all in, but you're gonna love it. Well, if you like dragons, fractals, space, pokemon, or other monsters.
Anyway, quick shortcuts to find me elsewhere:
Catch ya later folks!