Artists: Karl A. Nordman

Hey there! Welcome to the Artist page of Karl A Nordman, aka, The Lycan Knight! I am a Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction Illustrator.  My specialty skills are for detailed character and personal portraits as well as caricature design of whimsy complete with stunning realism. I work hard to create each piece with a personal or professional theme capability and a personal touch that makes it one of a kind. To answer the question, that my friends is: Whatever your creative art needs are, it is a great probability I can fulfill your artistic needs with a creative style and professionalism you can count on. I invite you contact me just to find out how deep the rabbit hole of my artistic ability goes because my imagination is just bursting with creativity. Who knows what artistic masterpiece we can create when we combine my endless creative skills with your vision! The possibilities are nearly limitless. Find me at  Thanks for stoping by! See you out there.

Twitter: @TheLycanKnight