Artists: Joe DeVito

Joe DeVito has painted and sculpted many of the world’s most recognizable pop culture and pulp icons, including King Kong, Batman, Doc Savage, Spider-Man, Superman, Tarzan, Wonder Woman, and MAD magazine’s Alfred E. Newman. For over 40 years has produced hundreds of book and magazine covers, classic posters, trading cards, and highly prized commemorative collectibles such as the official Centennial Tarzan statue for Edgar Rice Burroughs and Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong, as well as creating concept, character and toy designs for the film, television and entertainment industries.
DeVito is the founder of DeVito ArtWorks, LLC, an artist-driven trans media studio dedicated to the creation and development of multi-faceted properties–most notably the comprehensive King Kong prequel/sequel Universe, King Kong of Skull Island, which he co-authored and illustrated in partnership with the Merian C. Cooper Estate.
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