Artists: Jessica Brinkley


My name is Jessica Brinkley, I'm a girl caught somewhere between a hippie, a redneck and a nerd. I'm super forgetful and often ridiculous (thank God for day planners!). 
I would say my style is a struggle to capture traditional medias on a digital canvas.  Watercolour is particularly difficult but rewarding, but pencils are my fave I think.  I prefer loose, more emotionally charged pieces or very tight, refined and thick borders.  I often pull inspiration from Disney, Hannah-Barbera, various video games, and I love studying other artists' sketches--to see how their brains interpret our world is fascinating!
I enjoy games of all sorts, but currently I'm into tabletop RPGs. (AD&D, and DCCRPG!)  Drawing is my passion though, and I plan on getting my Bachelors in Graphics Design when I go back to school. I have a violin, and I can play a little but I want to take real lessons.. as well as dancing classes.  I think that Bluegrass is awesome, that socks don't always have to match, and that pictures can save forgotten and abandoned things. I like fixing things, giving them purpose again and new life--fulfilling what they were built to do.  I have an australian shepherd at home (blooregard Q. Kazoo--blue for short--it's a girl) and I'm in love with my car. Her name is Firefly-- it's a 1985 toyota corolla gt-s hatchback. drifting queeeeenn~<3

I have interred for a screen printing shop, setting up and translating art onto screens. I currently freelance with a laser engraver and I can get around pretty well in CorelDraw and Photoshop. AI to a lesser extent--Corel seems more intuitive to me.  I've done race team logos, business logos, custom cutie marks for MLP, custom heat press vinyls for hoodies/shirts,Cchristmas name it I can probably art it.  So feel free to message me! I love critical thinking and I stay in contact the whole way through.