Artists: Jared Emmons

Hello, everyone! I’m Jared, the creator of Skyscape Gaming. I’ve designed the original Skyscape trading card game – and by extension – the entirety of its endless worlds! Ever since I could remember, I was fascinated with art and creating things. I drew inspiration from everything around me from flowers to helicopters. I just loved to draw!

Throughout the years I’ve practiced and watched my skill increase. In 2016 I made the decision to start my own trading card game. I gathered my pens, pencils, and art supplies and crafted what became the first iteration of the Skyscape trading card game! Using a fantastic website called The Game Crafter, I made the very first Skyscape cards ever!

As time went by, my art and skills improved. I started an Instagram account using the name @skyscape_tcg and received a lot of positive feedback for my work! Wanting to share my own little creations with the world, I also created a YouTube channel that is now called Skyscape Gaming LLC and features all of my up to date cards, ideas, and artwork!

Of course, with the creation of a trading card game I needed good supplies and accessories! This naturally brought me to Inked Gaming! Making cards is fun, but I knew with the creation of a card game I needed to go big or go home, and I’m choosing to go big! Playmats and card sleeves are a must have for any game, and now I can make my own beautiful, stunning, and excellent ones to share with the world!

So many years have been spent creating my artwork and the world of Skyscape, and the best are yet to come! I hope you all enjoy what’s coming up next, because I know I sure am!

And as I always say to my friends and lovely followers…

Aim high, and pierce the skyscape!

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