Artists: Jackie Roberts

My names Jackie, I’m 24 years old and I live in Minnesota . I’ve always loved drawing and anything related to the arts . In school I took every art class that I could, that by my senior year there weren’t any left for me to take. I also was president of art clubs, and put myself into theater set design and volunteer work. After High School I attended an art college majoring in Illustration. I left after one semester due to not having enough funds as well as stress. To be honest that put me in a sad place, not being able to achieve a degree in the arts.
I mainly like to draw digitally since I think it’s such a cheaper way to create art. Painting and drawing traditionally I do love, but supplies cost so much. 

My favorite things to draw are animals, as well as people, especially women with bigger figures. I feel the most comfortable drawing them and like to illustrate in different styles. I’ve been trying very hard the past few years trying to get my art followed more on the internet and social media, as well as making my hobby turn more into a career. It’s been hard but I hope this website will give me the boost I need!