Artists: Jack of All Tech

Hi, I'm Zexcin, a YouTube tech reviewer and content creator.  In addition, I'm a returning Magic the Gathering player, an avid board game geek, and gaming nerd.  I launched my Tech Review YouTube channel to share my obsessive research into all things tech as well as provide long-term follow up reviews that go beyond the initial review of your average tech reviewer - to answer questions like "How have those headphones held up a year later and would you still recommend them?"
My other passions lie in tabletop and video games.  I'm a sucker for game-specific mats and I have quite a few ideas for playmats outside of MTG.  I'm also a sucker for game-related mouse pads.
You can check out my tech website here: and my tech YouTube channel here: as well as find me on social media here:
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