Artists: Ghost Empire Games

What's up guys? 

I'm Daniel from Ghost Empire Games! 
My friend Markus and I produce Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering content for fun. 
You can easily access some of our stuff via Youtube or Twitch. Links are provided down below!
When I'm not doing that I also write music.
I enjoy sketching and doodling when I can: The things I usally create are geometric based-designs and patterns.  
You can find me at Cult Mansion Graphic Designs from time to time with my friend Rai, where the Ghost Empire logo was designed via collaboration. 
When I first discovered Inked Gaming I immediately produced a small batch of Ghost Empire game mats for my friends and I to use. 
Several tournaments later, people have requested mats and other gaming accessories, so by popular demand here we are.
Live. Learn. Get lucky.