Artists: Garry Breech

Hi, welcome to my art and I hope you enjoy it. I'm a Southern Ohio artist who went to school for fine arts from Shawnee State University. I've been doing art ever since I was in middle school up to now. I focused more on traditional means for the longest time and in the last couple of years have merged into digital arts. Doing imagery that is fun, enjoyable, and relatable to others.   
I have a deep interest in card games, and that has always been a constant hobby of mine. Ranging anywhere from Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy. Going to my local game store and going to big events such as regionals and internationals. 

In the last couple of years, I've been applying my passion of art into my hobby of card games. Making fun images for all so that everybody has a chance to customize their play.  
As of late, I created a page for my work, and every month there will be a different image to purchase. Also taking commissions as well. 

You can follow me at

Hope to hear from you soon, and we can help you look good while playing.