Artists: Forge Gaming

Hey Gamers, we are Forge Gaming, an organization based in Ohio and committed to creating positive and salt free gaming experiences, designed for playing, competing and equipping for life. Whether you’re into casual play or competing with others, Forge Gaming is for all kinds of gamers! We exist to share the story and message of Jesus to gamers and gaming culture!

At Forge Gaming we: 
-Value Relationships - Jesus spent time with all kinds of people...weird people, religious people, toxic people. He invested in them, asking questions and loving them. Through our Discord and social media channels, we want to model that way for life!
-Create Spaces - We want to create positive gaming environments both in person and online where anyone would want to join. In these spaces we intentionally share the story and message of Jesus.
-Provide Resources - We provide practical resources that equip gamers, parents, churches, and organizations to deal with various real life topics and issues.
-Play Games - Love them or hate them, video games can become relationship starters. We foster real relationships, model positive gaming and share the Gospel. So, yes, we play video games, all kinds of video games!
-Partner with Ministries and Organizations - No competition policy (except in game or during one of our tournaments). We desire to partner with other like-minded ministries and organizations to further advance the Gospel...we can't do this alone!
-Partner with Churches - We aren't a church, so we point people to local churches and Biblical communities. Through hosting events, camps and workshops we can effectively reach, engage and equip gamers...together!

All of this information and more can be found on our website,

Thanks so much for checking out our merchandise, we could be more humbled to engage with Inked Gaming and the community of incredible artists and content creators.  If you are looking for more information, be sure to visit us on any of the social links below.  Most importantly, be sure to join our Discord to say hello, jump in-game with us and get involved with our community!