Artists: Durdle MTG

'Ello. I'm Ross, and I love stories. To tell a story or recreate a feeling or moment in time is something I really enjoy experiencing and trying to convey to others, and I find a lot of those moments in card and board games played with people new and known. Epic stories of adventure, struggle, and clutch plays that save days. Even moments when we all collectively groan as someone takes a long time to do something and an intricate plan comes together, it still can make for memorable moments to share later and remember fondly.

That's why I started Durdle MTG on Youtube. One of my favorite hobbies is playing Magic casually and laughing with people along the way as we sit and relax or team up against a greater foe. Epic struggles of back and forth, adventures into the maws of the dark, to try and emerge victorious but battered only to roll the dice again. At the end of it all, there is a story or moment to be shared, and I love stories. 

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