Artists: Commander’s Conclave

Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Welcome to Commander’s Conclave, our YouTube channel devoted to bringing you some cool, sometimes educational, and ultimately fun content in the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering!  Join Edward, Phu, and Brandon as they welcome guests to have some wholesome Commander fun!  

We strive to bring you great content, from our minds to your eyes and ears.  We want you to feel welcome in our inclusive environment, filled with quality entertainment. Our gameplay videos are full length with a dash of sweet music in the background. If we mess up a ruling, please know that none of us are judges, but we will try to clarify or explain the misplay if noticed.

We have new episodes posting on Saturdays at 3:00pm eastern time.

Pull up your chair to our pod and hang out with us LGS style!

You can also find our content on social media!  Check us out
@commandersconclave on Instagram
@CoCo_EDH on Twitter.
 We hope to see you there!