Artists: Booted Dudes

Howdy Pardners!
Welcome to Booted Dudes, a Doomtown:Reloaded Podcast. In this show, Hans and Michael from Germany talk about everything related to Doomtown:Reloaded, the Deadlands universe and card gaming in general.

Every month, a new episode drops on our iTunes feed, but we’ve always wanted to do more for the DT:R community.

So here we offer our very own playmat designs (and maybe even more soon…) for you to order for personal use, as prize pool additions for your DT:R events or as a protection vest to wear under your Dog’s Duster™.
So saddle up, become a stud, move to a deed you own but don’t control and start a good ol’ fashioned shootout, preferably with some aces up your sleeve. All on our lovingly-created, custom playmats.
- Michael and Hans from the Booted Dudes