Artists: Ben Magill

 Hey there everybody. 

 My name is Ben Magill. I am a dual citizen of both Canada, and the United States. 

  I grew up in kind of a scary place in central NY state, and it's history from there. I don't have a ton to say about my work, other than I like to make people feel like they are 

  seeing something alien but familiar at the same time. Sometimes I get a "What the F***" and generally that makes me feel pretty good about myself. That is with some of my work. 

 With some of my other stuff, I like to make people remember something about themselves that I think we all often forget about, something far away, inherently divine and sacred

 and kind of scary too. One of my friends likes to say, enlightenment is not like the tarot card "The sun" but more like the tarot card "The tower." Even though I am not into superstition, 
 I agree with him wholeheartedly on this point. 

 So! Anyways! Enjoy my stuff if your into this kind of thing!

 You can find me at: