Artists: Aubrey Denico

Hello, My name is Aubrey. I'm an engineering
student (mechanical and electrical) at the University of Maine.
While I may be an engineer, making fractal art and playing games are always fun.
For a little bit more info about me here is a list
- Fav food: Pizza
- Fav Sport: Skiing
- Fav Colors:Blue and white are tied (ironic becausr they are also school colors)
- Fav Genre of games:Usually Racing games
- Fav Game of all time: Windlands or King's bird (tied)
- Fav Movie: An Old Man called Ove (was a book, now a movie, can be found on Amazon prime)

For my social stuff, I have two IG's.
My Personal:
My Art Page:
(and if you ever have questions about my shtuff hit me up on either)

For my T-shirts and such (stuff not found here) I've got a redbubble shop here: