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Shibas Sleeves

by Colordrilos



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  • ✔VIBRANT- Inspired by our previous custom sleeve line, our bright colors let your personality shine. Our TCG card sleeve colors are thoroughly tested for optimized and true print colors. Extensive testing by our color professionals leaves you with the best looking sleeves on the market.
  • ✔SUPPORT ARTISTS- 10% of all sales go back to the artists in the form of a commission! We have the good fortune of working with hundreds of extremely talented artists from all over the world. With artists receiving a direct commission from every sale, you are directly putting money into the pockets of amazing artists with every purchase. Support art with Inked Gaming!
  • ✔SLICK NON-GLOSSY- Our sleeves are optimized for the best shuffle experience you have ever felt. They have been compared to a similar shuffle feel to the ever popular Hareruya MTG sleeves. Amazing shuffle feel you won't be disappointed!
  • ✔DURABLE- Our print techniques give vibrant colors while also providing a sleeve that has an extremely low chance of splitting and zero chance of the art to wear or peel away. Normally, printed sleeves on the market will last 2 or 3 tournaments if you're lucky, these will improve the time between re-sleeving your MTG deck by months.


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Very cute, but quality isn't quite there :(

While I love the designs of these sleeves, there were several quality issues with them: - Sleeve lengths not the same between packs -- This comes in two packs of 50. But between the packs, the sleeves are not cut to the same length, meaning that you can't use these to sleeve a 100 card deck since the lengths of the sleeves are varied. I had to grab an extra pack of 100 before I could sleeve a full 100 card deck. The same problem happened in the second order where the sleeves were not cut to the same length. - Inconsistent print quality -- The printing on the sleeve's back is nice for some sleeves, but streaky and/or blurry on others. - Weak-ish sleeves -- The sleeves are weaker compared to some other sleeves on the market. I don't roughly shuffle my decks and the corners are already starting to fade. (This tends to be a problem with printed sleeves though, which is understandable.) I've loved everything else I've ordered from Inked Gaming in the past. I'm disappointed that these sleeves aren't up to par! Hopefully there will be another new batch of these sleeves with these issues fixed. Until then though, I would recommend on holding off on getting these sleeves :(

Amanda L.

I ordered 100 of these

I ordered 100 of these little dudes for a commander deck--the design is super cute. I definitely recommend sleeve covers for these or they might not last as long as you'd hope. I've purchased sleeves and other stuff from Inked Gaming in the past, and I really like their stuff. This is the first disappointment I've had. Half of my sleeves are misprinted, and I only got 99 sleeves instead of 100 :(

Inked Gaming

Hello! We're really sorry to hear about your experience. Please email support@inkedgaming.com and we'll be sure to make this right for you.

Bill M.

Great design, poor sleeves

I love how these look, but they fall apart way too easily. I had 5 sleeves break on me (the top peels away at the corner) in just 3 matches.

Zack N.

10 out of 10

10 out of 10

Amanda D.


I love these sleeves, looks super cute on my commander deck! Only complaint is that they’re a little slippery, but I think with more use that’ll fix itself.