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Otterpool Mousepad

by snorthro


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Mousepad is approximately 9.25" x 7.75" and 0.25" thick. It is made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing. 

Gaming mousepad is approximately 11.4" x 9.4". It is made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing. 

We make it in-house. Our mousepads are made in-house with highest quality equipment and material. This makes a huge difference compared to the average made in China mousepads on the market. Our mousepads will last you years!

We test everything. We carried out extensive testing to create mousepads durable enough withstand even the most harsh gaming environment, yet thin enough to stay low-profile and out of the way. We also perfected our printing process to yield the most vibrant, colorful images. 

We’re Gamers too! We use our own products, and make sure that they meet our high standards of quality (mice slide smoothly, edges don't catch, cloth won't lift over time). We also have anything else you might want to complement your game: mat and dice bags, sleeves, tokens, wall tapestries, gaming mats, you name it!