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Greencombe Gaming Crate

by Big Vision Publishing


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Carefully crafted from the finest, sturdiest materials available, this Greencombe gaming crate design from Big Vision Publishing is as strong as it is beautiful! With a rugged Cordura fabric exterior, a waterproof interior, and spacious design, our gaming crate is built for the safe storage and transportation of your most prized possessions. Use it for carrying your favorite board games, decks, playmats, sleeves, drinks, and a whole lot more. Bottom line, this crate is tough enough to hold an entire arsenal of precious loot and keep safeguarded from all forms of harm, anywhere, and in any weather!

Key Features:

    • Size: 16” tall x 14.5” wide x 11” deep
    • Made from rugged Cordura that will stand the test of time
    • Includes three exterior pockets for easy access and extra storage
    • Zips fully closed to keep your goods safe and dry during harsh weather conditions
    • Comes with two metal D-Rings, so you can use the shoulder strap
    • Features a strong, grippy rubber bottom for added protection

The interior of the bag has two pockets; one is zippered to protect dice and valuables; while the other is large enough to hold a card binder, RPG book, or tablet/laptop. A carabiner is attached inside for holding your keys. Finally, we included a handy elastic band to hold your games in place – ensuring things do not get jostled around.

The Gaming Crate is 16” tall x 14.5” wide x 11” deep



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