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Yugioh Playmats

Having a YuGiOh playmat from Inked Gaming is a must for any YuGiOh card game player. Stand out from the competition at your next tournament or house game with one of our high-quality playmats. We have many different art designs to choose from, all made by our talented artists. Our YuGiOh playmats not only look amazing, but they provide many functional benefits as well. Playmats protect the condition of your cards and sleeves and make picking up and moving cards easier, as opposed to trying to pick them up off a smooth table. As with all our playmats, our YuGiOh playmats are made from high-quality materials with a smooth cloth top and rubber bottom for traction. Our playmats are also machine washable for easy clean up after a tournament or long day of playing. If you are looking for the best way to stand out at a YuGiOh tournament or just when playing with friends, as well as protect the condition of your cards, then an Inked Gaming YuGiOh playmat is a perfect choice.