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Solely Singleton

Hello and welcome to the Solely Singleton Inked Gaming page.  I'm your host Brad, this is a static block of text so I have no co-host. We are the premiere Magic the Gathering Cube podcast that occasionally delves into other singleton formats including Commander, Brawl, and Canadian Highlander.  If you've found your way here you're probably already a listener of the show.  If you landed on this page by mistake feel free to check us out here: https://solelysingleton.libsyn.com/  If you for any reason need to contact us with ideas for future designs or general questions about the show you can contact us by email at solelysingleton@gmail.com or via the contact info on our website, https://www.solelysingleton.com/

Please, don't hesitate to contact us, we're always looking for more feedback and are willing to help.