Artists: Colie Elizabeth

Hey! My name is Colie Elizabeth, known elsewhere as ThatMetalPanda or MudkipOverlord. I'm fairly new to the world of digital artwork, but I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and have done a lot of physical drawing and painting. You can find most of my older stuff, updated as frequently as I can, on my Facebook page, The Midnight Artist! 

I'm from a city in west-central Wisconsin, and work part-time as a convenience store clerk. We've been short-staffed lately, so I'm working a lot. It's a very demanding job, so I have to sometimes limit my arting time. However, on my days off, I'm usually glued to my tablet! I love all things metal, as well as The Legend of Zelda, DragonBall Z, World of Warcraft, and mostly Android:Netrunner. I've been playing Netrunner for about a year now, and I have so many mat ideas. I can't wait to share them! Magic: The Gathering mats are not out of the question, either!

Take a look around, I hope you like what you see! Check back often, as I'll be uploading more as they're completed!