Artists: BHawk

Hi! I go by BHawk in the online community. I am a VR/AR engineer and board game enthusiast that happens to do all things art and design. I've played Magic: The gathering for years but in the last few have transitioned mostly to KeyForge. I have been known to get slightly obsessed over customizing any game I start to play. I've designed playmats and t-shirts for the Sanctumonius podcast (KeyForge) in the past but recently I've picked up one of the oldest games around; Chess - which has inspired some of my designs that I wanted to provide for the community.

I like to empower players with artwork that is both visually stunning and yet simple; often rooted in a classic design with a modern take. If you are interested in something that isn't out there yet, please reach out to me on discord: BHawk#2058 or e-mail:

Thanks for taking a look!