Artists: Beyond the Machina

HI! I make cool stuff I think is pretty rad. 
My name is Drew Pierce and I'm an Artist/Graphic Designer from Dayton OH. I've been drawing since I could hold a pen, but since 2016 I've really taken making art into something I can see myself doing. So far I've made a full comic book (and am working on more), various album artworks for local bands, and of course some really cool artwork that looks outright fantastic on playmats and other products. I am a huge pop-culture fan and avid Magic: The Gathering player and am often inspired by both when i create. 
My style is usually one of heavy black and white, emphasizing positive and negative space and sometimes having a dual or hidden meaning. When it's not that style, my work often has a rough comic inspired look or whatever I'm having fun with at the time. You can follow, support, and message me at these places:
    Thanks a ton for checking out my work! If you like what I do make sure to check me out, share it around, give me a follow, etc. Keep an eye out my friends!